Monday, July 26, 2010

4 Days

I am moving in 4 days. This should be interesting, it's been almost a year since I moved last.. Guerrilla-style-warfare-move.. 1 hour.. 2 friends & 10 plastic bins ala Bed, Bath & Beyond and boom. 28 years of life scooped up in 59 minutes or less.

This time however, I am starting from scratch, not moving into a fully furnished apt.. but into a empty space a blank canvas if you will... Or a rust colored, textured wallpapered, grey-ish carpeted, dusty-70's inspired canvas.

At the very least I have purchased lightly colored items, lamps, couch w/ matching ottoman, area rug, side tables, blankets/sheets & dust ruffle. Things are really coming together, I have been channeling Rachel Ashwell in fact.. If I remember correctly, the bedding I purchased IS Rachel Ashwell 'Shabby Chic' collection! My brain has stopped functioning.. between moving, new job with tons of OT and well other things.. secretive things that I refuse to divulge at the moment.. I have a LOT going on. Not to mention that next weekend is my Birthday? And I'm going to Martha's Vineyard (insert fantastic smile here).

So really, I have been channelling a lot of people for advice:

*Rachel Ashwell for style & aesthetics
*Donald Trump for finances
*Martha Stewart & Bethenny Frankel-Hoppy for A Type personality suggestions
*The Dalai Lama for spiritual guidance
*Elizabeth Gilbert for "let it all go" emotional support
(and if you have not already- I seriously suggest you read Eat Pray Love!)

Im hoping that its working.. many good things have started coming together and I feel so blessed (and mildly overwhelmed) that they are all happening at once. Guess its true: when it rains, it pours.

Tonight, however. I am headed home with my roll of quarters- I will be doing massive amounts of laundry.. I sorted it out, 23 days, yes, shameful. Haven't done laundry in 23 days. Also is V. disgusting and you're probably thinking you must be dirtier than a homeless person in Calcutta. But no, I actually own that much stuff.. and no, I have not run out of underwear yet.
(Impressive.) These loads of laundry are a milestone b/c they will be the last ever washed in the Manor House... sigh of sadness and joy...

And now. Back to writing my letter to the lovely
Which is how I started my own blog, Thank you for continuing to inspire me to try new things!
Love you!


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