Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spandex is not for everyone

What would happen I wonder.. If I was improper enough in buseiness, blog or personale to not use teh spell check? Surely it would begin to annoy a reader, look obnoxious and right off teh bat be totally W.R.O.N.G.

Well, folks (all typo's aside) that is how I feel about spandex pants or leggings as they are so popularly referred to now. I believe 'spandex' evokes a kind of late 80's early 90's Raquel Welch work out video image and G-d forbid we call a spade a spade and remind ourselves that it wasn't acceptable to dress like this back then and it certainly isn't acceptable now- esp. for those of us on our 2nd go around in this stretchy, curve loving fabric.

So, Im standing on the escalator, on the right hand side: (this is important) for those of you who don't know the right side is for people who choose to stand still and ride the escalator vs. left hand side are people who walk up the escalator (v. similar to stairmaster or similar). As am wearing quite a short dress I do not want people staring at my thighs or noticing that my garment is kind of lacking fabric. Having afforded myself 3 full minutes of free time, I notice what people are wearing as they stairmaster past me- lo and behold.. 6 people wearing "leggings" and im sorry.. different heights, weights, cankles, ethnicities, what have you -


They did not look good on anyone!!

Yikes, I don't know what kind of body dismorphia these people have but I implore you.. do not wear spandex pants in public. I don't care that you have a schmancy top on and accessorized with a tacky gold belt and russel-crowe-gladiator-sandals. It still isn't OK.

Wear it to the gym.. Wear it to bed.. wear it in your home.. to yoga & ballet class! Not to work. How can anyone take you seriously if you are wearing spandex in a corporate environment?

Enough of that.. I am in a hideous mood as I purchaced a 37 or was it 40in flat screen tv last night somewhere in the ballpark of -OH its really late, this store is closing and this is NOT the time to be doing this. Now I have to assemble the base tonight and hook up the cable to see if I have to call the cable guy- rather if my landlord has to call to have it hooked it up so it is V. important that I do this ASAP to avoid moving in Sat & not having a tv to watch while I wait for the 1.800.sleepys men to deliver my bed.

The perfect case scenario:

I am watching my favourite TV show- which has already been DVR'ed and now I have the inaugural jump on my bed. Yes, I jump on the bed. Every bed I have ever slept on has been jumped on by yours truly.

Further perfection, I give you.. my vacation...

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