Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beers & Tears

Not sure if it was the inappropriate mixture of wine in a box (see above) and Bud Light that caused me to cry myself to sleep last night... or... the fact that I will only be sleeping there for 2 more nights? But whatever it was, it hit me like a ton of bricks.
Just an overwhelming feeling of sadness that could not be tamed. I thought I would be nothing short of overjoyed but it seems.. this unanticipated anxiety is a force to be reckoned with.

Onwards! I have just received a free month's membership to the NYSC in my building. Fabulous.. just the kick in the skirt I need to run at lunch. I have a stunning flat screen tv (just short of assembly) that I will be watching Saturday morning while I wait for my bed- Im not sure what I'll be in the mood to watch?? Maybe 'Marie Antoinette' or 'The Painted Veil' or.... some 'Arrested Development' whatever it is.. It doesn't really matter b/c its a dvd off my choosing. Luckily for moi, the one thing I didn't have to buy was a dvd player.. I have my very own ghetto dvd/vcr player. That's right.. VCR! Who owns a vcr?

I almost feel that I have to be closeted about this ownership. Dare I admit that I actually own vhs cassette tapes? Gasp. Not that I am a proponent of them in any way.shape.or.form. but sometimes, when is a classic & you've had it (for what seems like) ages its hard to let go. Home Alone for example, I will not get rid of that tape! Why? I couldn't tell you. Perhaps it evokes memories of childhood, thanksgiving, sitting way too close to the tv on the floor with popcorn? Who knows.. but there is something almost sacred about that tape.. and really that's why I bought the combo player-- and -- why I still have it. I don't care to align myself with the toothless, denim overall-ed yokel's that I mentally assign to be proud owners of VCR players, believing them to be the latest in motion picture viewing.. but I have to admit.. I do own a vcr. Maybe I'll watch Home Alone on Saturday morning? Create a new memory.
Random statement of the day:

Team Nosferatu!

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