Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Organized Chaos & Other Theories

I have that "today is going to be THAT kind of day" feeling. Yes, its beautiful out, its Tuesday so the week is progressing nicely and I am having cocktails with Ashley my most fabulous cousin this evening and even the subway has less-than-stagnant-non-pea-soup air.. but still..

I know you must be thinking to yourselves....Kristen, WHY are you thinking so negatively, its only 10:16!!!!!!!!

Fear not, I will share my woes.

  1. No time for tea @ Diego's this morning, don't like being on train sans morning beverage
  2. Sat next to what must be the most sexually frustrated man in the universe on LIRR, hemming & hawing at his blackberry. Scrolling around in a furious manner at what seemed to be: the answer to world peace? sustainable energy resources for all 3rd world countries? creating the ultimate coupon that works at every store with absolutely no expiration date? No, he was playing brickbreaker. Now I must admit.. He was the spitting image of Judd Nelson (from 'St. Elmo's Fire' one of the best films of all time) and he was V. smartly dressed which added to his appeal so I sat gingerly next to him as to not disturb his important cellphone business. I then became mildly disturbed as I sensed how increasingly heated he was becoming: patting down his slicked back greasy quaff, wiping the sweat off his upper lip, tugging at his tie. I responded by edging further towards the isle and got whacked in the head (& elbow) by a large woman in a leopard print moo-moo.
  3. (Have taken 4 Advil as result of moo-moo assault)
  4. Have answered the phone 67 times since 9:05. Yes I am keeping a tally
  5. My desk is- well, organized chaos at best.. there is only one "clean" section and that's pushing it
  6. My boss isn't here so real work hasn't actually started yet.. just interim work lets call it
  7. I have a residual nervous-jittery feeling that I can't shake courtesy of Faux Mr. Nelson
  8. Am missing my 'work' heels.. stuck in men's reefs for the day. How does that work in a corporate environment? Pearl necklace, little black dress and $20 men's sandals?
  9. I am now the proud owner of a mini-fridge that is trapped in the trunk of someone's car with no prospects of escape, which makes me V. nervous
  10. Have begun to scratch my chest as am breaking out in hives.. If I apply even preassure, I can make it look like I have a tan. Not hives. Must be diligent in scratching going forward

Deep breath.

Only 10:48

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