Friday, July 30, 2010

? ? ?

What is going on? My head is spinning and not in a I'm going to throw up, have a hang over or feel like I'm coming down with something kind of way (which I actually do feel like I'm getting sick- I think its the stress).

I'm really feeling awkward today & am having a hard time putting it together.

And Verizon JUST called me and I owe them $226.88 ARE YOU SERIOUS? How is that even possible? God, that makes me seem like some type of degenerate who doesn't pay their bill?? I have to call them, this is out of control.

I need to buy pillows for my bed b/c I only have one and that is not going to work.
I need to buy an extension cord & a power strip for my tv/dvd/cable.
I need to buy lunch even though I swore up and down that I wouldn't be doing that.
I need to go to the bank and take out $xxx.xx.
I need to go to NYSC and check out the gym.
I need to get a parking spot in front of my building tonight @ 7 to load up my car.
I need to not just have paid verizon $200.
I need to take last years un-given Christmas presents out of the bar (don't ask).
I need to go to CVS and buy cleaning products to bleach the ---- out of my new apt tomorrow.
I need to buy bleach b/c I love the way it smells & I put it on everything.
I need to buy dinner b/c I have no food in my current apt.
I need to buy a bottle of wine.
I need to buy 3 bottles of wine (for tonight).
I need to buy 3 bottles of wine for tomorrow.
I need to invent an alcohol poisoning detector kit because I'm going to need it.
I need to buy towels.. because my monogrammed towels won't arrive in time.
I need a thermometer b/c I'm pretty sure I have a fever.
I need to not spend over $1000 today and I guarantee you that I will spend more.
I need a ring pop.

I need to relax.

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