Monday, August 2, 2010

omfg. That did not just happen to me.

OMG. You won’t believe…

so SOMEONE in an effort to save me time and make my life easier.. took a whole ton of garbage-unsorted- to THEIR house where you don't really have to sort and they don't go through your trash whatever.. Well.. instead it was randomly dumped it in a garbage can on the street in the next town over..


my address was in there. My Mom’s address was in there.. They went to her house then The department of sanitation showed up to my apt LOOKING FOR ME THIS MORNING.

My landlord just called & was like.. Um. The department of sanitation is HERE looking for you.. I was like WHAT?

SHE TALKED THEM OUT OF GIVING ME A FINE.. I am stunned. I had NO idea what she was talking about. I've been there 2 days & a government agency shows up looking for me? She must have been scared out of her mind and not very happy.

I have a cold from the mix of all the dust in that room.. hadn't been cleaned in YEARS.. and the bleach I used to get rid of the dust.. My lungs are not happy.. I'm coughing so hard that i almost threw up in my garbage can here at my desk.

And that is today.. in a nutshell.

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