Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We went.
We saw.
We conquered the treadmill for about 2o minutes aka 2 miles. The TV on my treadmill was busted so I was staring at a green screen while running and flailing my arms.. Thriller style.. Must have looked v. similar to when they did the in-house-studio-shots for the matrix:

Arms flailing about legs akimbo and green screen.

I'm wondering where I spent more time.. in the shower or on the treadmill? Of course this has brought me to the realization that I:

A. need a lock
B. need to not wear expensive jewelry to work
C. need mucinex or some kind of cough medicine
D. need to wear a dress or easy assembly clothing every day
E. need to suck it up and drive to LA Fitness in the morning.. or just run outside

But I committed to 3 days at this gym & 3 work-outs I shall have

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