Friday, August 13, 2010

Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard...

What can I say? 300 pictures, 4 beaches, 1 pool, 8 million shops, 10 galleries, 6 lobsters and 1 attack by rose bush later and Im back. Its been almost a week (insert look of horror here) since paradise and I feel once again, as if I never left. Everything is back to "normal".

Well, normal if you think that being surprised by a 'Little Mermaid' Rug at 9:45pm for your living room is normal, than sure! Welcome to my world.

If anyone is planning on going to MV any time soon, you must, M.U.S.T. go to Larsen's Fish Market in Chilmark. Best lobster of my life. Sitting on the dock outside, no table, no wine glasses, watching the sun set. sweeeeeeet.

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