Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The trouble with living alone

Plunge into a spiral, thinking: Oh God, I'm a schizophrenic/frigid/nymphomaniac/alcoholic/have MS and must stay under the duvet.
Clearly one cannot say, pick up cell and ring anyone who will answer when having a pseudo-paranoid thought. Wait... is it paranoid? Am I paranoid for thinking thoughts are paranoid? And so on.
Always best to keep to yourself, say, that you laid on the couch for 3 hours last night taking pulse (to make sure you still have one) while watching 'Real Housewives NJ' (because if anyone deserves to be dead, its them) and drinking red wine (since the surgeon general suggested is good for heart health). That for example is the type of thing I would never call and admit to doing.

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