Tuesday, August 3, 2010

new gym?

And That my good friends... is called Sunday Afternoon

Sunday afternoons such as these kind of prevents one from taking on more productive pursuits such as.. Oh, lets say.. unpacking one's room after they move.. running.. making phone calls re: said move.. reading the manual on your refrigerator to make sure you don't turn the dial, oh lets say to 9 and freeze all your food? And ruin it..

But it seems one must partake in Sunday afternoons like this when your neighbour and friend of many years invites you to his home.. when he lives 4 doors down (on the same side of the block). Certainly it would be impolite and rude to turn down both (Bloody) Mary and Anonymous friend-- thereby hurting 2 peoples feelings.

Procrastination continues.. until.. yesterday at lunch when D & I went to the gym in my bldg.


Understood that not joining a gym located IN my bldg is the height of laziness (esp. when I have a free pass for the month of Aug).. but I've gotta think about it.. try it out & just really:

Force Myself To Gym-It at Lunch EVERY DAY.

Even though I have a nasty cold.. even though I am sans the LV garment bag (of my dreams) which as we all know would make going to the gym so much more stylish!! I will press on in the hopes that a loyal reader will take pity on me while acknowledging my dreams of running/fitness/healthy-lifestyle-ness and buy me my LV garment bag! Then I can write about them, how fabulous they are.. create instant Internet celebrity for them and put them on the cover of People magazine!

Thank you yet to be named high-end-leather-goods-benefactor!

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