Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NJ Shore & cappucccccchino

Firstly, my photo taken at the beach @ Donnovan's Reef in Sea Bright NJ this past weekend.
Secondly, I believe I may have personally offended a hasidic Jewish man this morning by having a bit too much fun with a lint roller. But must blame v. new & exciting Black Dog Cafe sweatshirt (from MV) for lint as it stuck to my kelly green tank top style shirt & black trousers.
Thirdly, due to incliment/intolerable weather almost fell prey to the starf*ckers cappucchino trap this AM. I usually order:
Sugar free
Extra Shot
Extra Hot
No whip
No foam
But realized will not spend $6 on a cup of hot milk. Plus line = totally insane. What is wrong w/ people? Standing in line waiting to throw away $$$ for Wha??

Cannot quite believe extent to which cappuccinos have taken over people's lives, giving certain city areas appearance of Communist or war-torn cultures with people standing patiently in huge queues for hours as if waiting for bread in Sarajevo while others sweat, roasting and grinding beans, banging metal things full of gunge around, with steam hissing.

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