Thursday, August 19, 2010

These pretzels are making me thirsty

12:58pm Not just a Seinfeldian line anymore! Its true, this snack sized bag of Rold Gold *tiny twists* is giving me thirst issues. Would get diet coke if not chained to desk as am super receptionist/legal biller who is far too responsible to remove self from station.

1:02pm Have employed fellow employee to sort out fizzy beverage situation. I now need this diet coke in an effort to prevent myself from eating entire bag of roldgold, which I only started eating to stave off hunger as lunch isn't for another 58 minutes. Hm.. feel odd with travel size pretzels and frosty diet coke, surley must be on airplane, not at work?

1:10pm No longer hungry for lunch. Maybe will not eat lunch in effort to a. try out the CV diet b. save room for dinner- Dave&Busters is 3000 calories waiting to happen esp. if the adults engage in a drink or 2*

(*or 8)

1:16pm Asked for work and received large stack of papers. Grr. Thinking I should work through lunch to resolve work load, should have bought salad that was averted by eating pretzels and drinking dc?

1:18pm Leering at stack of paper, contrary to popular belief, is not reducing size. Although if that worked would have thighs size of bendy straws.

1:24pm Have firmly resolved to take lunch hour inspite of guilt and eat like proper adult, at table v. hunched over desk while working. typing. lettuce. phone ringing. tomato flying across desk. legal document. dirty napkin. fork. highlighter.

1:27pm Where to go for lunch?

1:30pm Reminder of taking building photo for passcard. Ew, look haggard.

1:40pm Leering has backfired and documents have doubled in size. Unruly stack.

1:46pm Contemplating merit of eating at other person's desk while working through lunch as stack clearly has the advantage in this situation. No answering phones. no flying lettuce. no greeting clients with poka-dot teeth from fresh cracked pepper in salad. Accomplish task while mainting 6pm exit stratagey to get to Dave&Busters for what is sure to be 8* adult beverages.


1:48pm Apply make up for photo.

1:49pm Where is make up?

1:50pm Posing for photo in 10 minutes. WHERE IS MAKE UP?

To be continued...

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  1. must determine way to make procrastination burn calories...