Wednesday, August 4, 2010

thanks Andy Warhol

Firstly, let me say that... my landlord, her boyfriend, my housemate and her friend X (not real name obv.) are all awesome to party with on a Tuesday night. Who knew that hanging mirrors could be so much fun? Who knew you could get 6 glasses of wine out of one bottle?

Not I.

Who knew the pimply faced youth with the crazy hair so was blatantly staring at me the whole 7:57 train ride in this morning.. would be so polite as to let me off the train first?

Speaking of hair, I need a haircut something fierce. And I think I'm going to do it.. go to the Jean Louis David downstairs in my building after work and just do it..

the ultimate masochistic act that is: a cheap haircut!

gasp. After using the loo at work- I realised how terrible my hair actually looks, that is why he was staring. v. bad. how many other people were staring? or thinking.. wow, I'm lucky b/c I don't have hair like that.

So.. birthday weekend.. vacation weekend.. new haircut weekend? I think so! I think I'm going to do it!

************by the by: I found the original Bridget Jones newspaper columns from 1995.. If anyone is intrested... email me & I'll send you the link!

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